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    Comprehensive Pregnancy Vitamins & Supplements

    APOKRA's Pregnancy vitamins offer a tailored nutritional solution, designed to support women from pre-conception through all stages of pregnancy. Our unique blend includes 25 specific nutrients, incorporating a revolutionary powdered omega-3 amino acid complex and prenatal vitamins in a single, easy-to-take tablet.

    A Groundbreaking Omega-3 DHA/EPA Combination

    Introducing the world’s first omega-3 DHA/EPA multivitamin tablet combination, APOKRA sets a new standard in prenatal nutrition, offering superior ingredients for future-focused care.

    Clinically Proven Prenatal Support

    APOKRA Pregnancy vitamins, feature clinically studied ingredients for unmatched efficacy. AvailOm, our advanced omega-3 complex, delivers over 5X the bioavailability of standard fish or algal oil, ensuring optimal absorption and stability.

    AvailOm High Algae DHA: Pure & Safe Omega-3

    Our algae-sourced omega-3, rich in DHA, is essential for foetal brain and eye development, free from heavy metals and pollutants, complying with NHS guidelines for a healthier pregnancy.

    Methylfolate 400mcg Quatrefolic® for Essential Folate

    Experience the best in folate supplementation with Quatrefolic® methylfolate, the preferred form of folic acid for preventing neural tube defects and supporting a healthy pregnancy, as recommended by health authorities.

    Essential Prenatal Vitamins for a Balanced Diet

    Our prenatal vitamins are formulated to complement your diet with a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids, adhering to Department of Health guidelines for folic acid and vitamin D.

    Supportive Postnatal Vitamins

    Continue your nutritional care after birth with APOKRA’s postnatal vitamins, designed to support new mothers and breastfeeding needs, enriched with vitamin D and calcium for ongoing wellness.

    The Importance of Pregnancy Vitamins

    Endorsed by global health authorities, APOKRA’s pregnancy vitamins provide crucial support for maternal and fetal health, featuring essential nutrients like folic acid and vitamin D.

    The Science Behind Folic Acid & Folate

    Understand the vital role of folic acid in pregnancy, with APOKRA’s enhanced methylfolate offering superior absorption and bioavailability for the wellbeing of mother and baby.

    Vitamin D: Essential for Pregnancy Health

    Ensure optimal bone, teeth, and muscle health during pregnancy with APOKRA’s vitamin D3 supplements, plant-sourced and designed to support you and your baby’s health.

    Choosing the Right Vitamins During Pregnancy

    Learn which vitamins are essential for pregnancy and which to avoid, with APOKRA’s expertly crafted supplements, ensuring safe and effective nutritional support.

    Preparing with Pre-Pregnancy Vitamins

    APOKRA’s pre-pregnancy vitamins are tailored to support fertility and prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy, featuring key ingredients like folic acid and zinc.