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APOKRA was created to help people focus on their health and nutrition, taking a proactive approach to preventative action toward their own health. APOKRA was established by brothers Matthew and Max Hanson, who have spent most of their careers as pharmacists in the nutrition pharmaceutical industry. They were inspired by their grandfather, also a pharmacist, who created and sold his own products in the 1950s (pictured below).

APOKRA launched the first vegan algae oil omega 3 DHA liquid into UK & Ireland retail stores for adults & children. This includes over one thousand Boots, Holland & Barrett, and Superdrug stores.

The highstreet retail store coverage helps to make an ethical, vegan omega 3 DHA liquid alternative to fish oil products, easily accessible across the UK & Ireland. This is particularly important to vegetarian & vegan consumers who struggle to get the omega 3 fatty acid, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) in their diets due to the inefficiencies of other plant-based sources & who are at a higher risk of being nutrient deficient in omega 3 DHA compared to omnivores who can eat fish.

Omega 3 DHA is an essential component of diets. The European Food Safety agency (EFSA) recommends taking 250mg omega 3 DHA per day, to contribute towards the maintenance of normal brain function & vision.

APOKRA’s unique algae oil omega 3 liquids, provides all consumers with a cleaner & sustainable, plant-based alternative to traditional fish oils. Scientists are increasingly worried about the impact the fishing industry has on the environment. Especially on the ecosystems of the oceans. Overfishing causes a loss of biodiversity & in general, the global demand for fish is putting an extreme pressure on the oceans.

Building on the success of the vegan algae oil omega 3 liquids, APOKRA has created a range of convenient, vegan, preservative-free and fuss-free dropper liquid formulations for children. Including products for Immune Support: Vitamin C drops and plant-based vitamin D3 drops.

The product range is also available on amazon with close to 1000 reviews and are amazon’s choice for ‘DHA kids’, ‘vitamin c for kids’ & ‘vit d drops baby’.


Being liquids, the formulations can be conveniently mixed with food, smoothies, nutritional shakes or taken directly from the spoon. The formulations are sugar free, preservative free, free from heavy metals & pollutants, allergen free, gluten free, lactose free & contain no artificial colours or flavours.

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