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Apokra's New Prenatal Vitamin: Brain Food for Mum and Baby

Apokra, a pioneer in sustainable and scientifically backed health supplements, is launching its latest innovation: Apokra Pregnancy, a groundbreaking 25-nutrient formula designed to support optimal brain development for both mothers and babies.

This formula includes Quatrefolic, known for being the active form of folate. Quatrefolic is highly absorbed by the body, ensuring maximum efficacy. The Department of Health highlights the importance of folate in preventing neural tube defects, making Quatrefolic an essential component for prenatal health.

Backed by science and formulated with care, Apokra Pregnancy offers expecting mothers a smarter choice for their nutritional needs.

“One of the key ingredients in Apokra Pregnancy is omega-3 DHA and EPA, derived from algae. Omega-3 fatty acids are needed for the foetal brain and retina development. The tablets of APOKRA Pregnancy smell very appealing and are therefore easy to swallow. As many women are struggling with morning sickness during at least the first trimester, an easy-to-swallow supplement like this can be extremely helpful. In my case, it was,” explains dietician Seline Camarena.

Apokra Pregnancy is formulated with a clinically studied omega-3 amino acid complex that offers superior absorption, ensuring that both mother and baby receive the maximum benefit from each dose. Unlike traditional prenatal supplements that require women to take multiple capsules, Apokra's comprehensive formula combines omega-3 and essential vitamins into a single tablet.

“Apokra uses a powder form of omega-3 fatty acids combined with the amino acid L-Lysine called AvailOm®. Studies have shown that AvailOm® is absorbed 5 times better in the human body than traditional omega-3 soft gel supplements,” Camarena adds.

Expectant mothers face unique nutritional challenges, and Apokra Pregnancy is designed to address these challenges. With concerns over heavy metal content in fish, expectant mothers are often advised to limit their fish intake. Apokra Pregnancy eliminates this risk by offering a heavy metal-free, plant-based formula sourced from algae, ensuring peace of mind for mothers-to-be.

Traditional fish oil or algal oil capsules often have a fishy taste and oily texture, which can be particularly off-putting for pregnant women experiencing morning sickness. Apokra's fish-free omega-3 formula eliminates this issue with its taste and smell, plus a natural vanilla coating that makes it pleasant to take.

Additionally, Apokra Pregnancy provides essential B vitamins, including vitamin B12, which is crucial for brain function and helps reduce tiredness and fatigue - both common concerns during pregnancy. This blend of nutrients supports overall maternal health and well-being throughout the prenatal journey.