Replace the bad habits with good ones

For a truly healthy life it is important to stop or in some cases limit the consumption of the following. These are all considered big risk factors to our health and are well known for increasing our chance of getting many diseases including cancers, diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

  • Stop smoking – If you are starting to think about quitting then you are making the first positive steps to a healthier life. It is best to seek advice at this stage from your GP or local pharmacist. Here are some tips from the NHS
  • Limit sugar intake – sugar can lead to obesity and tooth decay. The guidelines recommend that adults should have no more than 30g of sugars a day (that’s equivalent to 7 sugar cubes). We recommend that you check the nutrition labels on what you are eating and drinking. Making and baking your own food also helps as you can see exactly what goes into your meals/snacks.
  • Limit alcohol consumption – the NHS recommends not regularly drinking more than 14 units of alcohol a week. It also advises not to drink all of these units in one go but to spread them out over 3 or more days. Persistent long term drinking can cause serious health problems including heart disease and liver cancer. In the short term it can also increase your risk of accidents including head injuries.